To support Licensees with legal matters the Licensed Trade Charity has partnered with Law Express, the UK’s leading provider of personal and business telephone legal advice. Our partnership entitles you to one free phone call with a qualified Solicitor who has been recruited because of their ability to explain the law simply in laymans terms. What you can expect when you contact Law Express is explained in┬átheir helpsheet.

Last year, Law Express provided professional advice to those in the licensed drinks trade on the following legal issues:

“My husband and I took on a pub and although we were aware of works going on outside the pub, we hadn’t realised that it would continue for 4 months between September and December; as these are peak months for our business we wanted to know what we could do about compensation. I wasn’t able to claim under my insurance but after speaking to Law Express, I had greater confidence to talk about my options”.

To access this free legal assistance helpline, in the first instance please call us on 0808 801 0550 so that we can be certain legal guidance is the best solution for your situation. You will be given Law Express’ telephone number and asked to quote LTC when you call.