If you think you could be drinking too much alcohol we’ve partnered with Alcohol Change UK to offer support and guidance.

Alcohol Change UK were set-up in 1984 to work with people to help them re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol.  They’re not anti-alcohol, they’re happy to talk about the positives, and to help people take control of their drinking and have a healthy relationship with alcohol over the long-term.

Through our collaboration their services are free to licensed trade people.

Visit their website to use their alcohol audit tools including:

  • The drinking quiz.
  • Free ‘Try Dry’ app
  • Unit calculator
  • Alcohol guidance

and to access over 38 ‘Alcohol and …….’ factsheets including:

  • Alcohol and mental health
  • Alcohol and calories
  • Alcohol and parenting
  • Alcohol in the workplace     to name a few.

Alcohol Change UK logo