Download the financial wellbeing APP & make the most of your income

Financial wellbeing is highly personal.  For some, it means being able to comfortably feed their family, for others, it’s staying out of debt, building a nest-egg, taking two holidays a year or for many who’s income is impacted by COVID-19 it’s managing on a reduced income.  Aside from the individual goals, it’s about everyone having the knowledge and skills to make the most of their income.

We’ve partnered with Nudge, the market-leading financial wellbeing platform, to offer you access, free of charge, to their financial wellbeing APP and you can download and use the App whether you’ve been in the licensed trade for 3 days or 30 years.

What is Nudge and how can it help you?

The Nudge App is a personal finance tool that uses your information to send you timely and personalised prompts that help you improve your financial position and your financial understanding and in the current climate can offer a lifeline.

  • Nudges – When there is something you ‘need’ to know or a financial action you ought to take, the app will send you a personal, timely, nudge to remind you.
  • Education – the app will send you ‘snackable’ content to boost your financial knowledge and skills and over time confidence.
  • Tools – the app includes tools that make tasks like budgeting or saving easy.


Watch this 2’ish minute film to find out more and get a sneak peak at the platform.   The film starts by saying “funded by your employer” ….. well on this occasion if you choose to use the app it will be funded by us, the Licensed Trade Charity.

The Licensed Trade charity want to help licensed trade people to achieve their financial goals and make their money go further:

To download the App, FREE, click this link


To talk to someone about a financial grant from the Licensed Trade Charity call 0808 801 0550, 24/7.   Criteria applies.