Take control of your money, use the FREE nudge web-app.

The Nudge web app can help you manage your money and take control so that you achieve your goals whatever those may be.  It’s free so give it a try.

This year has taken its toll financially, on many hospitality people.   Getting past worries about money must seem a long way off.   Our hospitality community have told us they are concerned about:

  • managing on a reduced income during furlough,
  • increased cost of bills for utilities and food while children are at home,
  • worries about job stability,
  • putting plans like finding a new home on hold,
  • even short-term things to look forward to like a holiday, seem a long way off.

The Licensed Trade Charity gives you access to ‘nudge’, a web-app that helps you to better understand and take action to feel in control and manage your money.  We’ve paid for it, so you don’t have to!

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We’ve partnered with Nudge, the market-leading financial wellbeing platform, to offer you access, free of charge, to their financial wellbeing web-app and you can download and use the App whether you’ve been in the licensed trade for 3 days or 30 years.

All you need to get started is to give your email, first name and surname.

Its FREE.   The Licensed Trade Charity are paying for the user licenses for licensed trade people to help you.


Why should you use nudge?


If you feel in control of your money, you feel in control of your life, we call this financial wellbeing.  Financial wellbeing is personal to you and your goals, so you can make the most of your hard-earned money and feel in control.  Nudge translates the complex into the simple and will be with you every step of the way.




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How to use nudge?


To talk to someone about a financial grant from the Licensed Trade Charity call 0808 801 0550, 24/7.   Criteria applies.