The Licensed Trade Charity has announced the launch of their latest marketing campaign, “Time to Open Up”. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the free resources available to anyone who has, or is, working in pubs, bars and breweries, when they have a personal or family problem. We are able to provide support for a range of issues including illness, housing and relationship problems and debt.


Liz Gaffer, Director of Marketing at the Licensed Trade Charity, comments: “Successful operators know that offering additional support to employees, and their families is a strong factor in recruitment and retention. As well as the help they offer as employees, many have said that having an independent resource is really useful to them.

“Last year over 7,000 people made use of the Licensed Trade Charity’s resources and support. We know that it’s often not easy to talk about problems but we hope this new, engaging campaign raises awareness of the help we can offer and give people the confidence to open up.”

The Licensed Trade Charity was established more than 200 years ago by publicans for publicans and their families, and is the industry’s longest standing charity. Support is free and confidential.

Please help us to increase awareness of our free and confidential services.

We have produced a range of awareness tools including, informative leaflets, posters and digital assets that you can use to let people in the trade know that help is at hand when things go wrong.

For digital or printed assets please contact Paula Smith

The last thing we want is for them to bottle things up.