Calling all parents and carers of school-aged children: do you know that as someone employed in the licensed drinks trade, you can apply for bursaries, discounts and support to help with the education of your child?

Perhaps you haven’t thought about private education, or had dismissed the independent school sector due to the cost: but if your child is highly able, struggling in a mainstream school setting or would benefit from more tailored support and smaller classroom sizes, then take a look at LVS Ascot.

LVS Ascot is a purpose-built independent day and boarding school on the outskirts of Ascot.


Owned and operated by the Licensed Trade Charity – which was established 230 years ago to assist children of, at that time, poor publicans – this multi-ability school is now a thriving and successful educator of pupils from varied and diverse backgrounds, aged from four years old to 18, with sports, science, drama and art facilities that are second to none.

Discounts are available for people who have been employed in the licensed drinks trade for more than five years, along with bursaries for children needing additional financial support. There are also scholarships available for those pupils excelling in specific areas, from music and art, to sport and academia. These bursaries, scholarships and discounts can provide between 20% to 100% off the annual school fees.

Mairead Quinn is the Head of Marketing Communications at E&J Gallo Winery. Her son Henry joined LVS Ascot in Year 7 and is thriving within the school’s nurturing and supportive environment.

“We were struggling to find a secondary school setting where we felt Henry would fit and be happy. His primary school had been a very academic and competitive environment, a place where often only the A-star pupils received recognition and the best opportunities. When I first heard about LVS Ascot – a school run by the Licensed Trade Charity – I was curious enough to want to find out more and arrange a visit on an Open Day.”

She continues: “On arrival, we were blown away by the school’s setting and facilities. It is a purpose-built site with everything thought of, from the open and airy classrooms to the amazing swimming pool, theatre and Astro turf pitch for all-weather sports – all on what felt like a very secure and safe space.

“It was one of those moments when my husband and I turned to each other and said ‘Can we come here?’! We loved it. It is also co-educational, which is something we wanted for our son, with average class sizes of 20 pupils.”

Now in Year 8, Henry is excelling in a way that Mairead believes he would not have done, had he gone to a different school.

“LVS Ascot inspires confidence and without a doubt Henry is achieving more academically than I could have ever wished for him. He has a new belief in himself and puts a value on his academic studies. You can see how much he takes pride in coming first in a maths test or receiving an accolade from one of his teachers for his classwork. And when he was struggling with science, for example, he was incredibly well supported and given the attention he needed to get over any obstacles.”

LVS Ascot teachers also work in close partnership with a child’s home environment, to help guide pupils to becoming happy, confident young adults with strong values.

“For us,” says Mairead, “LVS Ascot creates a joy of learning and makes pupils feel smart and have confidence in what they can achieve ­– whether that is in the classroom, on the sports field or on stage. We wanted a school for Henry that would introduce him to new experiences, encourage him to have aspirations and ambitions, so he can feel that he can change the world – or at least the world around him.

“I would like to think that Henry will someday reflect on his education and school years and understand that it was one of the greatest gifts his mum and dad could have given him.”

No matter what your circumstances, find out more about LVS Ascot and the world of exciting opportunities that could exist for your son or daughter at a school purposefully designed to make a positive difference to their education, self-confidence and life.

For more information about LVS Ascot, look online at: or call 01344 882770