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Janine had worked in the licensed trade for nearly 10 years and was struggling with her family’s needs. She had lived in the same two bedroom terrace house for 17 years, but it had become very cramped, living there with her partner who moved in about six years ago and two children aged 19 and 3. The property has serious damp problems which caused health issues for herself and her son. She wanted to be rehoused to a three bedroomed house, but could not apply to do so as she found herself with debts. She had rent arrears due to Housing Benefit being stopped and had arrears on the water bill. She found out about the Licensed Trade Charity and contacted us to see if we could help.

Having worked in a full-time in a pub for nearly 8 years Janine qualified for our help and we were able to help with her debts and she is now in a position to apply for a larger house, and start to build a brighter future for her family with the support of the Licensed Trade Charity behind her.