Landing a new job can be exciting but once the initial thrill wears off, many people find their stress levels rising. Starting at a new place of work with a new boss and unfamiliar work colleagues can be a daunting experience.

If it’s your first job, you may well be feeling nervous about what’s in store for you on your first day. Even if you’ve been working for years and are starting at a company in the same line of business as your old job, there’ll no doubt be lots of new things to take on board. You’ll have to learn how the new company operates, for instance, and maybe also get to grips with new technology and tools. And then there’s getting to know your new boss and co-workers, not to mention the worry of having to fit in with your new work environment.

Thankfully, having an idea of what lies ahead and being prepared for the days and weeks to come can significantly help soothe new job jitters.

The following help sheet gives practical tips on what to expect, how to make the right impression and how to fit into your new environment, as well as details of where you can go if you need further information.