We currently have a number of Volunteers who are an invaluable asset to the charity. They support us and our industry by giving their valuable time befriending the elderly, isolated and housebound and helping assess the circumstances people are in when they apply to the charity for financial assistance.

East Midlands


As a volunteer visitor, Pat is able to carry out a role in an industry he has worked in for 30 years and with which he has a strong affinity with. He has a personal attachment to the region he covers and wants to make it a better place for those who seek help from our Charity. Pat empathises with the people he visits and enjoys seeing people get back on their feet to enjoy a better and more rewarding life. “I am very fortunate to give something back to society as a way of balancing the scales and find it very rewarding. Please give volunteering some thought, get involved, you may also find it equally rewarding!”

David Shaw image

David has worked within the trade for over 28 years and has thoroughly enjoyed it. He now wants to try and give something back by helping those people who have been in the trade but now need some support and care which the Charity can provide.


“15 years progressive experience with Everards Brewery in hospitality/pubs specialising in talent engagement and operations. Have a genuine love and passionate for the industry and building trusted relationships at all levels. A tough industry but very rewarding – want to give back by supporting, helping, and championing all those in it”.

East of England

Sadie Lofthouse image

Sadie is Head of Human Resources at Adnams. As well as becoming one of our Charity Services Volunteer, Sadie has been instrumental in raising awareness of our Charity within her organisation by circulating our leaflets and releasing email campaigns about the ways we help and support people in family brewing organisations.

Steve Williams image
Steve W

Steve began his career in the Licensed Trade Charity at the age of 12 and both his parents were heavily involved with the Charity’s work back then. When Steve gave up being a Trustee after over 20 years and Governor of the Society of Licensed Victuallers & Schools in 1991/92, and Chairman of most of the committees, he felt he still wanted to help in some way. “Here I am, 45 years later still doing all I can to help others.”


Mike has been involved in the Licensed Trade in Norfolk for over forty years.  For twenty years he ran leases for Norwich Brewery and Whitbread, then moved on to create a company operating multiple agreements and purchasing Freeholds.   Through his journey in the trade he co-founded a successful Buying Group, held office as Chairman and President of the Norwich & Norfolk LVA and has organised numerous Regional Golf Days raising funds for the Licensed Trade Charity.  With this background Mike joined the Licensed Trade Charity as a Volunteer as he considered his experience could benefit the process of giving assistance to those in need of help.


Teresa began her career in the licensed trade at 15 working as a waitress in her local pub, she has subsequently worked for local Brewer Adnams for 30 years in many and varied roles.  For the last 8 years she has looked after their Leased & Tenanted pub estate.  Teresa enjoys working with people and wishes to ensure that those that have given to the trade, and now find themselves in times of hardship, have access to the help and support of the LTC.

London & South East

Angie Robinson image

Angie worked in the licensed trade for over 20 years until she retired in 2003. She joined the Licensed Trade Charity Local Ladies Auxiliary in 1985, and works tirelessly for the Licensed Victuallers National Homes Kent Committee where Angie fundraises on behalf of the Charity. Following her retirement, Angie was keen to do even more so now gives her time as a Charity Services Volunteer in the Kent region. “I gain a lot of satisfaction, meeting all the people who benefit from the Licensed Trade Charity’s help.”

Jan Collinge image

“I ran a pub with my husband in Windsor for 9 years so understand the difficulties facing a licensee first-hand. When my husband was in the Armed Forces, I worked as a caseworker for SSAFA for 10 years which I found very rewarding. So I’m looking forward to helping people again as a Charity Services Volunteer for the Licensed Trade Charity.”

Andrew Pring image

Andrew Pring is a journalist and former editor of the Morning Advertiser (2000-2009) and past chairman of the British Guild of Writers. Now a Kent-based freelancer, he produces magazines and reports across a number of sectors as well as supporting his local pubs and brewers as often as his family taxiing and dog walking duties allow.

Tony Orchard image

Tony’s connection with the licensed trade stems from his parents who successfully ran pubs, a hotel and a club over the years, but his skills sent him into IT.  He is volunteering to give something back to a profession that ‘paid for his schooling’.


“Following the birth of my children I said goodbye to my career in the Financial Market in London. Having had previous experience in Education, I was approached to start up a Nursery in a Primary School. This led to a new career lasting 25 years. I decided to retire in 2016 & the opportunity to use my skills in helping others was most appealing.  I am currently on the advisory board for my local Children’s Centre & look forward to assisting the LTC in its work.”

Graham Tuck image

“I retired in 2016 after nearly 40 years in the Licensed Trade. During my employment I worked as a Regional Manager in the Free Trade, Managed Houses & the Leased & Tenanted Divisions, each of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Having experienced the highs & lows of the industry I now want to help people who perhaps have not been as fortunate as I have.”

Steve Myles
Steve M

Steve has had a portfolio of careers working in Social Services, as a District Manager for Courage in London, considerable time in Human Resources before returning to end his working life as a Team Leader in Children’s Services for a London Borough.  Now retired he remembers his years in the trade with great fondness and is looking forward to putting something back as well a keeping the grey matter ticking over!


“Having worked in hospitality for “many” years starting out as a manager, before travelling the country training the team at many new openings. I then moved into HR looking after people, concentrating mostly on recruitment and training.  More recently I have been lucky to cover more aspects of HR within a small family owned pub company.  I became familiar with the charity as it’s a service we offer to our team members and tenants as a support and counselling network.  I think the work that the team do is fantastic and wanted to support where I could.  I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to volunteer and give back to an industry that has been very good to me.”


“I retired this year, after 35 years in the leased and tenanted and direct managed sectors of the industry, in various management roles. Previously I worked for the social services and was a professional actress in the 1970’s .  I feel my knowledge of the various difficulties facing publicans in both business and domestic situations will help me to help them. I have been very fortunate in my life , and now have the time to try and make a difference.”

North East


Dorcas and her husband John have been in the licensed trade for more than thirty years. During that time Dorcas has been a member of the Licensed Victuallers’ National Homes (which is now the Licensed Trade Charity) and has raised funds on its behalf. Dorcas took office as Chairman of The Durham Ladies LVA and later was the President of the North and North East LVA. She has been a regional visitor for the last 4 years. ”I have met some very nice people during my visits – people who have not been as lucky in the trade, due to ill health or financial difficulties. I enjoy giving my time when it’s in the interest of helping those in need.”

Lauren Lloyd

Lauren started volunteering for the Licensed Trade Charity in 2010 because she was keen to gain experience in supporting and caring for people in need of help. “I love helping people and volunteering is a great way to do it.”

Florence Rickaby

“I’ve been a member of the Durham Ladies Auxiliary for more than 25 years.  I’ve only been a Charity Services Volunteer  since the end of 2018.  I used to work as a care worker for the elderly.  I now also help at our local school, helping the teachers take the children on school trips and also look after my grandchildren.  I get a lot of pleasure helping people.”


“My husband Alan and I have been in the pub trade nearly 30yrs.  We started with Whitbread as managers and have managed pubs around the North East until we took our own pub on where we have been for the last 13 years.  I’ve always helped raise money or volunteered for charities, I often volunteer for the local hospice organising fund raising activities. I was proud to be Chair lady for Durham Ladies Auxiliary twice where we raised money for local charities. I look forward to being a volunteer for the LTC as a way of helping others who are having difficulties at the present time.”

North West

Pat Kain

Pat has been a Charity Services Volunteer since 2011. Pat and her late husband ran a pub for over 20 years in Lancashire. “I love meeting people in the trade from all walks of life so volunteering is a natural step for me continue meeting and helping people.”

Rod Lindl

“Having worked in the trade for 35 years and enjoyed every minute, I now feel it is a good time to put a little something back and hopefully help those for whom it has not all been pleasure and put the smile back on their faces.”


“I have worked in the hospitality industry since I was 15, and am lucky enough to have had a fantastic career, and currently I’m the Head of HR Operations for Stonegate Pubs.  I believe the world is a better place with some kindness, and if I can contribute to others via a volunteering role then that’s great!”


” I have a Marketing, Commercial and Operations background in industries as diverse as Brewing, Retail, Broadcast media, Sports promotion and Financial services both in the UK and abroad. Having held senior management and ‘frontline’ positions with Companies that include Diageo, Allied Breweries, ITV, Talksport and UKCA – as well as several Volunteer organisations – I thrive on working with people to achieve common goals. Currently run my own Sales and Marketing Consultancy (MRJMedia), I am also a Member of the Institute of Directors. Still an active Mens Lacrosse player, I have represented England and Wales at Full International level and have been ‘offensive coach’ for the Welsh National Mens squad at 3 World Series.”


Lisa is an accountant who has been involved in the licenced trade for several years as a licensee and running a firm of licensed trade accountants who operate nationwide. Over the years, Lisa has witnessed times when people working in the licenced trade and running pubs have needed financial help and, apart from offering advice, has been unable to help further and has felt quite useless. As a volunteer with the Licenced Trade Charity, Lisa wants to be able to offer real time help and make a small difference wherever she possibly can.

South West

Janice Feltham image

After an idyllic childhood growing up in rural Dorset Janice worked for the Met office and later as a Statistician for a Medical company & a Heating and Ventilating company. Her husband Robbie decided to change career and join the Licenced Trade. Together they enjoyed a wonderful and successful life and were both very actively involved in fund raising for our Charity. Due to all-day opening laws and after much heartbreak (by the parents) they decided to put their 2 daughters into boarding school at LVS Ascot (where they loved it). Janice now runs a B&B. “I became a Charity Services Volunteer to help hard working people in the trade.”

Cath Halik image

Cath joined the catering trade at 16, working in a restaurant while studying to be a chef. After qualifying she married and worked in pubs whilst bringing up three children.  Cath joined the British Institute of Innkeeping, becoming a Fellow Member in 2001, has had a personal licence and been in restaurant management as both General Manager and Kitchen Manager.  She has been raising money for the Licensed Trade Charity via local events since 2012 and became a Charity Services Volunteer in 2014.  Cath says: “I want to help those who have fallen on hard times – I know running a pub is not easy.”

Clive Smith

“I retired in 2017 after spending virtually all my working life in the licensed trade which was over 43 years.  I worked in a number of different area and companies within the industry including free trade, managed houses and leased and tenanted.  The trade has gone through a huge evolution during that time and I now hope to help people who have fallen upon hard times.”


“I went to London in 1981 for a break, 6 weeks later started work in The Old Rose in Victoria.  A few months later I was asked to do a relief in the Cudugan Arms on the Kings Road,  the Stag in Victoria and then a haunted pub, the Three Pigeons in Richmond – long story but very spooky!  There followed a phone call to meet at Bow Street magistrates, sat next to a chap handcuffed to a police officer holding a baseball bat in a bag !!! License was granted and I was the landlord of St James’s Tavern on Shaftesbury Avenue/Great Windmill St.  My love for the sea took me back to St Ives every 2 weeks and seemed to always get a shout on a the lifeboat (big part of my life). I’ve run pubs , rugby clubs, restaurants, and hotels, been an ambulance man, fisherman, salvage work, been there, done that sort of chap, and love helping others.”

Ilya Fisher

Ilya has previously worked for Citizens Advice and various other relevant organisations. She says “I am so pleased to be volunteering for Licensed Trade Charity, they do such great work and I feel privileged to be a part of the team”.


Richard Booth image

“All my working life has been in the pub trade. Starting in a local brewery and moving into a pub firstly as a stock-taker then in pub management focusing on the brewery side of things. In my time I was responsible for both managed and tenanted pubs. During my career I was closely involved in a number of the LVAs and was a member of the British Institute of Innkeepers. I retired in 1996. Volunteering with the Licensed Trade Charity keeps me in touch with the trade – “it’s in my blood” – and most importantly the people who are part of it.”

Barbara Allsopp-Robson image
Barbara A-R

“In 1994 I went to work for a local hotelier as a cook.  In 1997, along with my late husband, we bought the hotel in North Wales. After my late husband’s death I took over the running of the hotel and also qualified as a chef.  In 2007 I left the hotel and started a catering business and also became a School Cook.  Shortly afterwards I decided to retire and, as I had time on my hands, I was asked by the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee of the charity to become a Volunteer Visitor.  I did and really enjoy visiting and being able to help those who have sought help from the charity.”

Beth Halik image

Beth worked as a bar person whilst doing a Business Studies degree at the Polytechnic of Wales.  On completion, she moved to Bristol to work in a busy pub and restaurant, remaining in the trade until 1999.  Beth is now a self-employed podiatrist but still has many links with the trade through family and friends.  She says: “Working in the drinks industry stood me in good stead, so volunteering allows me to give something back whilst channeling my genuine interest in people and their welfare.”

Keiran Allsopp-Robson

“I started working in the pub trade at the age of 18 part time.  I then joined the Royal Navy where I spent 22 happy years, and some jobs included the beverage trade as I was Bar Manager on some ships.  I had various jobs when I left the RN but eventually landed up in Wales after Barbara’s husband died.  She owned a hotel in North Wales and as I used to help with the books, she asked me to become her partner.  We had the hotel until 2007 when we retired.  As I had time on my hands, I felt I could give something back to the trade by helping fellow publicans who find themselves in difficulty and need.”


“I worked in the licensed trade for over 40 years starting as bar staff and ending as manager of what I considered the best pub in Cardiff. During that time I was an active member of NALHM which then became Licensees Unite representing members and negotiating on their behalf. During that time I became aware of the fantastic work of the LTC and was fortunate enought to be invited to the school in Ascot to see ar first hand how they operated. Once I had decided to retire I thought I would have time to offer my services as a volunteer”


West Midlands

Gerry Cleary image

“I was born and bred in Birmingham. I am married with 2 grown up children and a grandson. In 1964 at the age of 15 I left school and started work at Ansell’s Brewery as an office junior. After having worked in all sectors of the business such as Free Trade, Tenanted, Leased and Retail, I was promoted to Director in 1985. After 34 years’ service I left Ansell’s/ Allied Retailing and set up my own business providing specialist advice, training and recruitment to the licensed trade. I also operated a Private Members Club. I am delighted to Volunteer for the Licensed Trade Charity as it will enable me to help others and put something back into the business I have always been passionate about.”


“I retired in March this year after working at Ei Group for 17 years in the role of Senior HR & Reward Manager.  Prior to that I was employed for 27 years with British Telecom.  My role at Ei Group was to ensure employees health & well being was paramount and in most cases I was the person an employee would call if they had any queries or concerns.  I decided to become a volunteer for the charity because I know my skill set will enable me to continue helping and assisting people from all walks of life, which I enjoy doing.  For me, becoming a volunteer is the next chapter in my life,knowing I will be able to improve situations for people who are in need of help.  I am married and have three children, and Nanny to four beautiful grandchildren.”

Yorkshire & The Humber


Shaun entered catering through the Merchant Navy and then ashore with Berni Ins before a stint in supermarkets and then eventually back into the licensed trade in 1992 running a busy pub group with his wife Carol, a Licensed Trade Charity supporter for many years through the Yorkshire Ladies Federation.  Now retired, Shaun says he has time to give a bit back to the trade which has given him so much over the years.  A volunteer for Hull’s City of Culture year in 2017, Shaun enjoys meeting new people and helping others get the best from life.