We are happy to work with 3rd Party Referrers, Charities & Intermediaries

If you have a client that needs support

We regularly give financial support to individuals who are referred to us by other charities and public sector organisations.

This financial support aims to help people out of difficult situations, when that support isnt available elsewhere.  It could be securing somewhere to live by paying rent and deposit, to helping with disability aids.  Most of our support is given in short term hardship grants for people who don’t have enough to live on.

To be considered for financial support, individuals should meet our criteria

  • Worked in a pub, bar, brewery or supporting role within the UK for five continuous years or more.
  • This role could be part or full time, but should be the main job.
  • The applicant could be the dependent or partner of someone who meets the above criteria..

Our Application Process:

  • Complete this application form
  • Provide the following:
    • Supporting documents as listed in our application guidelines
    • Applicant’s proof of employment in the licensed trade.  If this is not available please ask your client to sign the HMRC form.
    • Supporting letter detailing applicant’s situation including any relevant information relating to health, family or housing situation.
  • Return to our Charity Services Team

The case will then be reviewed by us, and we may do a visit to your client, or ask for more information.

If you need any more information, please call our direct support team on 01344 898550.

For more information our applicant eligibility contact our team.

Thank you to all charities and referring agencies for the support you provide to those working in the licensed drinks trade. We are grateful for your contribution in helping us produce specialist support literature and issue-led factsheets.

Working together, we bring expertise and specialist guidance to those that work in or have retired from the licensed drinks trade.

Working with other Charities & support organisations

We take a holistic approach to the support we offer and the requests for help we get.  If we are unable to help or if the request exceeds the support we can offer we will always look to signpost to other organisations that can also help and if appropriate contact them ourselves so that we can work together.


Financial Assistance Application Form

Application Guidelines

HMRC Consent Form