Supporting the Licensed Trade Charity

We’ve been helping licensed trade people since 1793 and each year we give away around £1m in grants and in 2019 we helped over 23,000 people.

Our operational structure generates some of the funds for that and for the rest we are very grateful for the donations we’re given.

If you would like to make a donation to us or fundraise for us firstly a great big THANK YOU and second click the buttons below to see how you do it.

Thank you to our donors and supporters.

Every year individuals, groups and companies around the UK fundraise for us and we are very grateful.

Members of our Regional Supporters Committee who would usually be holding be holding fundraising events throughout the year have seen those disrupted and cancelled.

We’ve worked with a number of operators this year to deliver over £950,000 of their Team Member Support funds through their donations, the largest of which is Greene King and others who have donated anonymously.

Koppaberg’s campaign to donate £20 from the sale of their strawberry and lime Gin and Cider earlier in the year generated a donation of over £12,500 and Tyrrells crisps have launched a campaign donating 5p form the sale of every pack of limited editions packs produced to support the people who run our great British pubs – on sale from September 2020. Again in the autumn of 2021, Tyrrells have launched a new flavour of crisps, British Beef and Ale – a proportion of sales of these will be donated to the Licensed Trade Charity.

Individuals and Operators have taken part in fundraisers including walking the three peak challenge, shaving their head and carrying out raffles at their events.

Support from trade associations and our trade media continues to be gratefully received giving us both the opportunity to raise awareness to more people that we maybe able to help alongside raising valuable funds to deliver that help.

We are able to run our Mental Health training sessions for licensed trade managers free of charge thanks to a grant from the Worshipful Comapny of Innholders who continue to offer valued support for our activities.

Every year we are sent anonymous donations.   Usually from people who currently, or have in the past, worked in the licensed trade and want to give something back.   We respect your wish to remain anonymous and send our thanks, you know who you are!

To you all we send our thanks.   Every penny you donate can help change the lives of those who need it in the licensed trade.  Every £1 makes a difference, every £10 raffle ticket bought on a table at an event makes £100 per table and every £100 could . . .
  • cover 6 weeks of parking costs when someone has to undergo treatment for cancer.
  • cover the cost of a child’s bed
  • cover school uniform for a child starting school
  • cover a debt relief order so that someone can clear their debts
  • allow someone to buy food for their family for a week when they have no money
  • can give some peace of mind to someone in a difficult situation

Fundraising Regulation and Complaints Procedure

  As an organisation registered with the Fundraising Regulator we are committed to best practice and we take all complaints seriously.   If you have a complaint or a concern about our fundraising you can email us at

We will always treat your complaints seriously. We will treat you politely, fairly and respect your confidence. Read our full promise here.

Our complaints handling procedure

First Stage: If you complain by email, we will resolve it or acknowledge receipt of it within 5 working days. If the complaint is more complex, we will contact you again with a resolution within 10 working days of receipt.

Second Stage: We hope you will be satisfied with our response. However, if not, please let us know. We will then pass your complaint to a member of our Senior team to help find a resolution within 21 working days of the complaint.

Third Stage: If you are still unhappy, you can contact the Fundraising Regulator who will independently investigate your complaint. You contact them on their website: