The 2021 Staff Conference takes place on the 2nd September 2022 at our LVS Ascot site.

Our theme for 2022 is equality, diversity and inclusion … “One organisation for all”

The conference will bring our teams from the whole organisation, LTC Business Support Teams, LVS Ascot, LVS Hassocks and LVS Oxford together in one location.

We will have a day of inspiration from some famous faces, a fantastic opportunity to meet your colleagues from parts of the business you might not get a chance to talk to in your day to day work and some fun along the way with some entertainment and a team quiz so bring a device –  phone, tablet or laptop.

Our Itinerary for the day:

8.15 am Arrival & Coffee
8.55 am Introduction by Mark Durden-Smith
9.05 am Message from our CEO, Jim Brewster
9.30 am Charlotte Valleur, founder of Global Governance Group and boardroom diversity champion
10.20 am Chris Packham, diagnosed with Asperger’s in his 40’s Chris is an inspiring and eloquent advocate of people with Asperger syndrome.
11.00 am Break
11.45 am Ranulph Fiennes, explorer, fundraiser and inspirational speaker.
12.20 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Entertainment
2.15 pm Nick Hamilton, (brother of Lewis Hamilton) was told as a child that he would never walk due to his cerebral palsy and would spend his life reliant on a wheelchair.  Now a regular in British Tour Car Championship his ‘anything is possible’ attitude is an inspiration.
3.00 pm Round-up & Final word from our CEO, Jim Brewster
3.45 pm Finish

Our Itinerary for the day:  Smart Casual

Travel arrangements:

  • If you’re based at LVS Ascot then travel to work in your usual way.
  • If you’re based at LVS Hassocks then Jen Weeks will let you know travel arrangements nearer to the date.
  • If you’re based at LVS Oxford then Ian Peters will let you know travel arrangements nearer to the date.

Photography & Film:

We will be taking photos and film throughout the day for use on our websites and in our marketing materials.