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Our Mission

Pubs and Breweries have been at the hub of British communities for centuries. Throughout this time, the Licensed Trade Charity has played an important role looking after those working in the industry, and will continue to do so as long as needed.

We are devoted to looking after people in the licensed drinks trade, providing support when you need it.  Our mission is to equip people to be self reliant, to provide them with the right guidance, and if necessary offer financial support, to help them get back on their feet, and on with their lives again.

Our Vision by Liz Gaffer, Director of Marketing & Charity Services

Liz GafferMy grandparents ran the ‘Barking Smack’ and the ‘Columbian’ pubs in Great Yarmouth in the 50’s and 60’s and I have some early memories of them enjoying their jobs and playing an important part of their community.  People who manage or work in pubs give a lot of time, energy and often compassion to their customers, but don’t necessarily gain much financial reward for this. So when a life crisis hits, it may not take much to have a devastating effect on them, and their family.

British people are often very proud and won’t ask for help, but with the right marketing and the right response when they call us, I hope the Licensed Trade Charity team will make a difference, and help those who work in the licensed drinks trade continue to be that important part of the community that is so valuable in today’s society.