Get Ready to Tee Off!

Following the success of last year’s Golf Tournament the Licensed Trade Charity are happy to announce the location of this year’s final!

The tournament will conclude at the Horsley Lodge Golf Club in Derbyshire on the 9th September 2019.

This year’s final will be sponsored again by Dr Colin Hancock of United Dental Ltd. Dr. Colin Hancock, who sponsored last year’s event, said: “We are delighted to support such a worthy cause, with the Licensed Trade Charity offering lots of support to people going through difficult times, as well as helping their children through educational sponsorship’s.”

In 2018, the Licensed Trade Charity helped 13,434 people with a link to the drinks trade in a time of hardship, with over 10,000 people making use of the information on its website and 976 phone calls were made to people who felt isolated and alone.

This year there will be six regional heats located around the UK organised by our Regional Fundraisers on the following dates:

Nottinghamshire Regional Heat – 13th May 2019 – Completed
Norwich & Norfolk Regional Heat – 6th June 2019 – Completed
South West Regional Heat – 25th June 2019 – Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
North West Regional Heat – Completed
Yorkshire Regional Heat – Completed
Derbyshire Regional Heat – Completed

If you would like to participate or have further information please select your chosen heat button below.

Thank you and hope to see you at the final!