Licensed Trade Charity support during COVID-19

Closure of pubs, bars and breweries during the COVID-19 crisis continues to impact the licensed trade sector.  We know that many of you are juggling financial, emotional and practical pressures unlike any experienced before.

The Licensed Trade Charity remains open 24/7 to support you.   Get in touch, we maybe able to help financially and we can definitely help with emotional support and practical advice.


Financial support for licensed trade people.

Short term hardship grants* for those in extreme financial hardship are available to licensed trade people.

  • Make sure you are claiming all and any benefits you are entitled to. Use our benefits calculator to help you.   We would advise you to talk to your employer about what support they can offer.  Call  our helpline 0808 801 0550 and talk to us about how we could help, we can’t replace 100% of your lost income due to COVID-19 but we may be able to offer a little help.  These links may also help with the benefits you may be entitled to:

Financial support* with rent or mortgage interest arrears and if you are at threat of losing your accommodation we can give practical help.

  • Talk to your financial providers (mortgage company and credit providers) to find out what measures they have in place for people whose income is affected during these unusual circumstances
  • Some mortgage lenders have already announced mortgage holiday up to 3 months
  • Talk to your landlord about your situation, it is better to be proactive than reactive
  • If your accommodation is tied to your pub speak to your employer first and you can also call our helpline
  • We also partner with Shelter who can give specialist advice*

* Financial support can be available to people who have been in the trade for 5 years or more and is means tested.

Practical advice & Emotional support for licensed trade people.

FREE courses for Licensed Trade Workers

The Licensed Trade Charity and CPL Learning have partnered to offer an online training platform, free of charge, to the licensed trade sector.

Never has the hospitality industry faced more troubling times and we’ve joined forces with CPL learning to help those affected by COVID-19 to stay ahead of the training they need to get back to work or to stay ready for work when their furlough ends or they find a new position.  Find out more

Practical advice provided by trained CAB specialists giving guidance on varied issues:

  • Debt – which debts are a priority
  • Housing – your rights
  • Employment Law – your rights
  • Relationship Breakups – how to deal with this practically
  • Benefits – how to claim them and what you’re entitled to
  • Benefits Calculator – what support you and your family might be entitled to from the state

Mental (or emotional) Well-being. We know you are people people and self-isolating won’t be easy or come naturally and could affect your mental well-being.  

Practical advice and emotional support is available to anyone in the licensed trade irrespective of how long they have worked in the licensed trade.

Useful links giving updates and advice in relation to COVID-19

We have collated links to useful updates and advice in relation to COVID-19 and links to organisations we work with who can offer support for issues you maybe facing: business, housing, mental health

Please continue to contact us as normal if you have any concerns. Our free helpline is open 24/7/365 on 0808 801 0550 for professional advice on any issues you may have, health, money or otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mental Health Support during COVID-19