The Licensed Trade Charity offers Bursaries (up to 100%) to parents in difficult situations – either facing very poor academic provision locally or the family and/or work situation means a residential placement at LVS Ascot would show a real benefit to the child’s future.

LVS Ascot is owned and managed by us, our first school opened in 1803 to educate children with parents from the licensed drinks trade. We continue to support licensed drinks trade people and offer a 20% discount, Bursaries and Trade Scholarships.

We invite applications for our Trade Scholarships from licensed trade parents (or legal guardians) of children who are highly able across the academic, creative and sporting curriculum.

We offer full day place Scholarships for entry into Years 9 and 12. The Scholarships are not subject specific and will pay for the cost of a day pupil, amounting to approximately £17,000 per year. This will cover teaching, all meals, curriculum books and exam entrance charges.

Please find out more about Scholarships and Bursaries to LVS Ascot here.