It can be tricky to make sure children are eating a healthy balanced diet, and for some parents it may seem like an impossible task.

After all, how many children can resist the idea of a plate of pizza and chips, washed down with a sugary fizzy drink? But when you offer them a piece of fruit or a bowl of healthy green vegetables, they suddenly lose their appetite.

Children need a nutritious diet to grow and to do well at school. In-fact studies suggest children who eat lots of junk food may have a lower IQ while they’re growing up compared with those who eat healthily. Some experts also believe children who eat too much fat and sugar and not enough fibre, vitamins and minerals could have a higher risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease when they’re older.

The good news is it doesn’t cost a fortune or take hours slaving over a hot stove every day to feed your family well.

The following help sheet gives practical tips on feeding your children healthily including a guide to ‘how much is enough’ and how to feed a fussy eater, as well as details of where you can go if you need further information.