11 January 2021 – The closure of pubs and bars due to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant the Licensed Trade Charity has seen a 605% increase in demand for their services that support people in the trade juggling with financial, emotional and practical pressures.

In response, and launched alongside the recent expansion of Tier 4 regulations, the Licensed Trade Charity has expanded its support for the sector to include nudge, the market-leading financial wellbeing App.

Information and advice around money can be complex, overwhelming and conflicting but nudge resolves this by providing personalised and unbiased financial education in a simple way.  With timely prompts (nudges) to take action and tools to help people manage their money, the App helps people to understand and boost their financial and overall wellbeing.

The nudge App addresses the common challenges we all face when it comes to money management:

  • No time? Prompts and reminders
    When there’s an event in personal finance you need to know about, or take action on, nudge will send you a personal, timely, prompt or ‘nudge’ to remind you
  • Don’t know where to start? Personalised guidance
    nudge gives you financial skills and knowledge designed just for you. Right from your first visit, there’s always a clear next step in your financial wellbeing journey

  • Not in control? Money management tools
    You can use the budget planner to plan for anything from a holiday to school fees. And savings and life goal planners give you the ability to manage your finances and take control.

The Licensed Trade Charity already offers a multitude of services and support to people currently working, or who have worked, in pubs, bars and breweries – including financial, mental wellbeing, housing, education and training and physical health. As the industry enters its toughest period yet, working in partnership with nudge, the Charity is expanding its financial support, when it is needed the most.

Carolyn Jenkinson, head of charity services at the Licensed Trade Charity said, “The pub, bar and brewery community is dealing with unparalleled financial stress, trying to pay day-to-day expenses and make ends meet. When money gets out of control, it’s often difficult to know where to turn. We continue to be here to listen and help licensed trade people, with practical guidance and emotional support. We are delighted to now be able extend our services by enabling people to regain financial control, by offering the nudge App for free.”

Tim Perkins of nudge said, “Financial wellbeing is highly personal.  For some, it means being able to comfortably feed their family, for others, it’s staying out of debt, building a nest-egg or for many in the licensed trade industry whose income is impacted by COVID-19, it’s managing on a reduced income.  Aside from the individual goals, it’s about giving everyone the knowledge and skills to make the most of their income. We are proud to be working with the Licensed Trade Charity to help the pub, bar and brewery community to help them take action on their finances.”

nudge is available for registration now, via the charity’s website:  www.licensedtradecharity.org.uk/