Lucy grew up in a family dedicated to working in the licensed trade. Her parents ran a local pub in the West Midlands, as her grandparents had done before that. It was all she knew. Working in the pub was her life and that’s how she met many of her friends. But Lucy’s drinking became a problem. She started depending on alcohol and became very ill as a result. Alcohol took hold of her life. Lucy was in her late 20’s when she first went into rehab. Cut off from society to try and deal with her alcohol addiction, Lucy ended up spending her dad’s entire inheritance on treatment. She contacted the Licensed Trade Charity for help when the halfway house she lived in closed down. She needed a place to stay and didn’t know who to turn to.

We helped Lucy, and she has gone on to realise her dreams in her own right. Now studying for an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling, Lucy is determined to give back and help others who may be facing circumstances she has already experienced.