A career licensee and family man Daniel managed a number of successful pubs, bars and restaurants across London. However in 2008 Daniel and his wife Ruth decided that with their son approaching school age a move to the country might be in order and so having found their dream pub, they moved to Cheltenham to take on a lease on a picturesque site on the outskirts of the town.

Although hard working Daniel relished this new challenge and the pub soon became a focal point of the local community, unfortunately seventeen months into their new life the family were rocked when owing to complications from a chickenpox infection Daniel was admitted to hospital with Encephalitis (a viral infection of the brain). It wasn’t until he was discharged from hospital some weeks later that the full impact of the illness would hit home. Inflammation of the brain caused by the Encephalitis left Daniel with a range of neurological issues ranging from memory to cognitive to other more physical problems such as the inability to walk.

Over time Daniel began to recover, but whilst some of the effects of his illness were short lived others proved to be more long term and it was apparent that he would not be returning to run the family business any time soon, and so it was with some regret that Daniel’s wife took steps to wind down their business as she had been struggling to run a busy pub while at the time playing full time carer to her husband and raise their then 5-Year old son. In one fell swoop the family had lost their business, home and livelihood.

With the love and support of his family Daniel slowly continued to improve, but needed something to reach for, a goal to help build his own self-worth. This he found whilst watching the London 2012 Paralympics, watching people overcoming such adversity gave him the push he needed, he would take up wheelchair racing if it was the last thing he did! Daniel has made real strides in this endeavour, he has joined a running club and is currently training towards his first half marathon.

The Licensed Trade Charity were able to make a real difference to Daniel and his family, not least in helping with the funding of a new wheelchair for Daniel, but also simply being there with a sympathetic ear and offering guidance and support that has benefited them all.

Watch Daniel’s film and if we can help you or someone you know then get in touch. Give us a call on 0808 801 0550 or email support@ltcharity.org.uk.