Job Description


To support and promote the both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all students at LVS Hassocks in order that they may derive maximum benefit from the educational opportunities available to them.

To ensure that all staff are appropriately trained and supported in care delivery

To be proactive in all health initiatives working in partnership with teaching staff to deliver the school PHSE curriculum


 Managerial duties and responsibilities

  1.  To work with all staff in the school advising on health and nursing issues including First Aid
  2. To work with the school to write and develop health policies and procedures to be used in school.
  3. To be responsible for oversight and ensuring safe practice for the storage and administration of medication to

Managing patient care/clinical responsibilities

  1. To plan, deliver, update and evaluate all care plans ensuring that all children with a medical condition or medical need have an up to date accurate care plan. E.g. Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Diabetes
  2. To ensure that clinical procedures are carried out where appropriate in agreement with protocols, parents/careers and the
  3. To be responsible for oversight and ensuring safe practice for the storage and administration of medication to
  4. To work with t health professionals including CAMHS, Pediatricians and GPs to facilitate medical assessments ensuring relevant information is available, recorded and shared as appropriate and to work with all appropriate health professionals to facilitate the holistic care of the students.
  5. To support the immunisation programme for students in school working with the local School Nursing Service
  6. To advise on issues concerning general hygiene and cleanliness particularly where they impact upon the control of infectious
  7. Provide a general Health Surveillance programme, monitor and record health changes and growth, giving advice and support as appropriate
  8. To share professional knowledge and expertise with multi-disciplinary colleagues to support the ethos of inter-agency working and service
  9. To supervise the storage of medication and ensure that arrangements are in place for the safe storage and administration of medication in line with school medication
  10. To oversee First Aid, checking boxes and replenishing stock
  11. Ensure accident book is always completed in a timely manner
  12. Reporting to the Health and Safety Committee on all medical and First aid related matters as requested
  13. To be mindful that the welfare of the child is paramount and ensure compliance with safeguarding policies.
  14. To work in partnership with the school’s designated person for all safe guarding
  15. To attend EHCP annual reviews, TAF/TAC and other relevant meetings as
  16. To maintain accurate and up to date medical and nursing records to include relevant consent agreed by parents/carers for all invasive care and requests for the administration of medicine.
  17. To practice compliance LVS and the NMC Professional Code of Conduct regarding confidentiality at all

Responsibility for resources

  1. To ensure a safe working environment at all times and that any equipment used is safe and maintained appropriately.
  2. To ensure all clinical waste is disposed of in line with the Trust / Schools
  3. To ensure adequate first aid supplies are always available and regularly checked


  1.  To maintain effective verbal and written communication with children, families, carers and school staff and other professional as appropriate
  2. To share specialist knowledge with multi-disciplinary colleagues regarding current philosophies of

Responsibility for research

  1.  To participate when required in clinical audits.

Education and training responsibilities

  1.  To maintain a high level of nursing skills and knowledge relating to children with complex health needs and Autism
  2. To identify own development and training needs of staff through Personal Development Reviews.
  3. To be personally responsible for maintaining professional registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) through revalidation and ensuring undertake sufficient continuous professional development and reflective
  4. To give, attend and participate in local training
  5. To participate in clinical

Strategic and service responsibilities

  1.  To be aware of and comply with the School’s policies and
  2. To actively participate in the development of the

Organisational/administrative responsibilities

  1.  To report and record promptly and accurately all untoward occurrences and incidents in accordance with Trust policies.


Health and Safety at Work Act

The post holder is required to take responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.


The post holder has a responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Code of Practice on Confidentiality and Data Protection.

Other duties

The post holder will be required to undertake any other duties according to the needs of the service. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of activities, but rather an outline of the main areas of responsibility. Any reasonable changes will be discussed and agreed with the post holder before any variations to the job description are made.

Personal attributes required

  • Positive attitude
  • Independent initiative
  • Approachable and friendly
  • Team player
  • Strong literacy skills
  • Good organiser
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

School Nurse – part time

LVS Hassocks

Job title

School Nurse

Reports to

Head of School

Employment status

Part Time

Hours of work

To start as soon as possible – closing date for applications 22nd March 2019.

30 hours Term Time only (40 weeks per annum)

To apply

To apply please download the application form and, once complete, return it together with a full CV. Previous applicants need not apply.

Application Form